“Fulfilling Financial Freedom”


We at Mera Funds Investment Services strongly believe that each and every client of us should enjoy financial freedom. Our Vision is to make sure each of our clients pursue the path of financial freedom and achieve the financial freedom in more efficient & effective manner.

About Us

Mera Funds Investment services offer financial freedom to its clients/potential clients. Individuals lack the concept of financial freedom, Individuals think they are financially sound as they earn and meet there spend. Have you ever thought how long you will be financially independent, if under any circumstances you lose your Job/Earning? Majority will be financially broke within even 1 year from the day there earning stops. They will not be able to pay there EMI, Credit Card bills, utility bills and worse thing they might end up taking more debt.

Financial freedom is about building right investment assets to generate sufficient passive flows that will take care of all your expenses; financial freedom is about managing your life style even when you don’t have an active income (Job).


How many of us come across old people of age 60+ still are involved in active job, the reason is, there are still not financially independent. They require there salary to run their life. We make sure that our clients achieve financial freedom in a more efficient & effective manner.

Every individual has the right to achieve financial freedom; Financial Freedom is a necessity and not a luxury any more. A Mera Funds Investment services is one stop financial solution; we have decades of experience, genuine client interest, best in class expertise. We guide you to secure your financial future and achieve your financial freedom.

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